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Grossesse à 3 ans
Eltereforum Bertrange | Eltereschoul
Intervenant de l’activité
Patrice Moes-Gretsch
Fonction de l’intervenant
Educatrice graduée
Coût de l’activité

You are not born a parent (EN)

A child needs parents who “nurture” him or her emotionally and emotionally. The bond that a mother and father form with their child marks the beginning of their upbringing, right through to adulthood.

This seminar offers future parents a possibility to discuss about raising a child an makes them aware of the following topics:

Raising a child – a necessity for growing up well. The role of both the father and the mother – resources and skills. The parental couple – a new challenge. Family life – managing every day routines.

For future parents or parents of small babies.

Further information : ul.ssalhcsrennak@luohcseretle or ul.nem@egnartreb.muroferetle (resp. Pascal Dickes, coordinateur régional).

Location : Eltereforum Bertrange