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Eltereforum Bertrange: The fourth parent forum opens its doors

Through the combined efforts of the employees of the municipality of Bertrange as well as the coordinators of the Eltereforum, we were able to officially inaugurate the 4ᵉ Eltereforum on Monday, 25 September in a celebratory setting. The official opening was attended by Claude Meisch, Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Monique Schmit-Thijs, Mayor of the municipality of Bertrange, Nico Pundel, Mayor of the municipality of Strassen, Manon Bei-Roller, Mayor of Dippach, rank Colabianchi, member of the Chamber of Deputies and alderman in Bertrange, and additional guests of honour representing the socio-educational sector.

The Eltereforum Bertrange (10, rue de Luxembourg) will be welcoming parents from Bertrange, as well as parents from neighbouring municipalities, from 28.09. onwards, for their first activity. As usual, you can find the complete programme of the new Eltereforum in our online calendar: click here