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7 reflections on our family routines

Family routines, habits and rituals are valuable for children and parents alike, because they offer a multitude of benefits.


7 thoughts: free time is precious

In a fast-evolving world, let us dare to slow down and give our children what they need most – our time.

Sometimes, real luxury is allowing yourself to say “no” to the numerous activities on offer.

Let’s try to make use of our free time to talk to our children and strengthen the parent-child relationship. It isn’t necessarily the length of time that counts, but the quality of the time spent together.

7 Reflections on language in families

7 Reflections on language in families

Children interact with their parents and community, exploring and experimenting with languages from an early age. Here are some ways to support language development and encourage their desire to communicate.

7 reflections on screens and their place and role within the family

Putting in place a framework

We should take a close interest in our children’s virtual activities, being conscious of our role in setting an example as parents.