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Official openings of the parent forums in Bettembourg (18.07) and Marnach (24.07)

  In the month of July, the Eltereforum officially inaugurated two of its venues. Alongside the Minister Claude Meisch, numerous honourable guests of the local government, as well as various representatives of associations, our guests, including the parents and their children, of course, were given the opportunity to get an impression of our facilities in Bettembourg and Marnach.

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Children's Festival 2023

During the Children's Week (13.05. - 19.05.23), the Eltereforum joined the Children's Festival (13.05. & 14.05.), located in the cultural centre

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YEP! Schoulfoire 2023

Just like last year, this year's YEP! (Youth, Education & Professions) Schoulfoire invited primary school pupils ( from cycle 4) , as well as...

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