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YEP! Schoulfoire 2023

Just like last year, this year's YEP! (Youth, Education & Professions) Schoulfoire invited primary school pupils ( from cycle 4) , as well as secondary school students, their parents and professionals from the education sector to introduce them to a variety of vocational professions during various workshops, and to offer an overview of school offers in the Grand-Duchy. The Eltereforum, as part of the Ministry of Education, was also represented. On the second day of the YEP! Schoulfoire, in addition to students and professionals, families too were invited to explore the exhibition grounds - the Eltereforum was pleased to have a lively exchange with parents and representatives from the education sector! You missed the YEP! Schoulfoire and need information material on school offers or vocational training? Find more information here: https://maison-orientation.public.lu/fr.html