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The Eltereforum at the new edition of the Orientation Day of the Welcome and Integration Contract

Up to three times each year, the Department of Integration of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region organises the Orientation Day for CAI signatories (CAI: Contrat d'accueil et d'intégration). The objective is to provide information and assistance and promote intercultural exchange in a friendly atmosphere through plenary sessions, thematic workshops and information stands.

For the first time since its official opening in February 2023, the Eltereforum was able to add its name to the 35 participating representatives from various administrations and associations. The Orientation Day was a particularly valuable opportunity for our team to reach out to numerous young and expectant parents to support them in establishing new contacts and developing their network.

Further information on the Orientation Day of the Welcome and Integration Contract can be found here: https://forum-cai.lu/?lang=fr

Read the official press release here: https://mfamigr.gouvernement.lu/fr/support/recherche.gouvernement%2Bfr%2Bactualites%2Btoutes_actualites%2Bcommuniques%2B2023%2B11-novembre%2B14-journee-orientation.html