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Official launch of the Service Eltereforum in Niederanven, on the 8.02.23

On the 8th of February 2023, we had the pleasure to officially launch the Eltereforum. During our open doors, our guests had the opportunity to explore our location in Niederanven.

Later on, we introduced the Eltereforum to a great crowd - and in the best company! Claude Meisch, the minister of Education, Children and Youth, Raymond Weydert, mayor of the municipality of Niederanven, Alain Massen, president of the National Representation of Parents, our guests, Daniela Kobelt-Neuhaus, director of the Bundesverband der Familienzentren, Norbert Ganter, director of the Bildungshaus Lurup, Petra Gerster, director of the Familienzentrum Karussell and Kathrin Burger, communications officer at the Familienzentrum Karussell.